Interop and MobileCON: First Impressions and Summing Up

Traditionally, fall is a very busy time of year for Auriga. In October, our experts took part in two large industry events in the US.

The first October event on Auriga’s agenda was the world’s largest independent IT conference and exhibition—Interop. Organizers and participants of the exhibition focused on innovative solutions to help businesses make the best use of the technology tools available today. According to the event’s participants, the top priorities for this year are mobile security, cloud services, and mobile cloud services.

These trends are not really new; the concerns have been expressed before, but today, they have definitely become more pressing. According to Symantec’s Digital Information Index, globally, 14 percent of business information is now being stored on smartphones and tablets, and 23 percent of business information is being stored in the cloud. The growing adoption of cloud services requires additional measures for protection of corporate data to improve the overall health of businesses.

Andrey Pronin, Auriga’s SVP of Strategy, Technology, Marketing, commented,

Nobody will argue the fact that businesses are undergoing transformation today, and mobile and cloud technologies are the main cause of this transformation. They give employees access to information from nearly anywhere. The main concern today is how to protect this information in the best possible way. Our expertise allows us to efficiently address mobile security issues that our clients might face.

Another large event in the US in which Auriga took part was the exhibition and conference MobileCON 2013 (October, 16–18)—the event whose role can’t be underestimated considering the latest trends demonstrated at Interop. MobileCON is completely focused on the development of mobile technologies and the development of enterprise applications. Over 8,000 experts from more than 50 countries attended MobileCON in 2013.

Despite the fact that this fall’s MobileCON was the last fall event of the famous conference and exhibition (in 2014, fall and spring events will be combined into one), it again attracted the largest market players, including IBM, Dell, Symantec, HP, and many others.

The hot topics featured in the MobileCON sessions and discussions included wearable technology, cybersecurity, mobile payments, mobile employees, and BYOD.

Among them, wearable technology seems to be the latest trend and is growing to be a buzzword. Rightly so. The world market for wearable technology reached $8.5 billion in revenue during 2012, shipping 96 million devices last year (only 14 million wearable devices were shipped the year before). By 2018, shipments are forecast to reach 210 million devices, accounting for $30 billion in revenue, according to “Wearable Technology – World – 2013,” a new report from IMS Research.

Auriga was represented at both events by the company’s sales director Marc Schlackman. He was impressed by the large number of new products and solutions showcased at the exhibitions and shared his views on both events:

Interop and MobileCON are the first two events I have attended as a member of Auriga, and it was very encouraging to see how our technical expertise and experience is a perfect fit for the companies and technologies being demonstrated at each conference.

Both shows were the perfect venue to not only visit with established companies in the market but also introduce ourselves and explore opportunities with the numerous new, innovative start-up exhibitors.