Auriga Has Successfully Completed Two Projects

In the first quarter of 2014, Auriga successfully completed two projects for high-profile customers in the area of banking services and mobile applications. Both projects were highly appreciated by the customers and brought to end users.

Since 2009, we have enjoyed successful cooperation with one of the largest banks in Russia. The latest project—an automated system for the processing of loan, credit, and payroll debit card applications—was delivered to the customer in February.

The developed system is an efficient tool that provides large-scale options to automate the process of sending requests from retail business representatives and agents to the first-line sales support center, assigning and distributing those requests among the bank clerks, providing information support and assistance during application processing, as well as generating various types of customized reports.

In terms of architecture, the solution consists of a set of interdependent, customizable blocks (e.g., loan-processing blocks, credit and payroll debit card applications, directories and handbooks, etc.), allowing us to implement the functionality required at this point in time. The solution is very flexible: For ease of use, it is designed in a way that allows us to enhance the blocks’ functionalities efficiently and at a minimum cost.

Thanks to Auriga’s profound MS SharePoint expertise, the team has developed a user-friendly integrated solution for automation of the banking business processes, simplifying loan application processing significantly.

The solution supports multi-user mode (3.000+ users), logging users’ actions, storing information for previous reporting periods, exporting summary information regarding the performance of various bank branches, and other useful functionalities. The solution uses Microsoft technologies, MS SharePoint, and .NET, in particular.
Currently, the bank’s management is considering replication of the solution for all of its branches in Russia, which undoubtedly affirms Auriga’s high level of expertise in the area of banking solutions development.

The second project that was completed at the beginning of this year involved the development of an e-book reader application for Android-based devices. The application supports two popular formats—EPUB and FB2— and syncs the library, settings, and bookmarks across all users’ devices using the customers’ cloud service. Additionally, the application boasts a rich graphic interface that can be customized in accordance with users’ preferences.

The application uses the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) UI but provides compatibility with all devices running version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and up. The app also adds new books to the library as soon as they are uploaded to the device and displays all the books in a user-friendly style.

The project was carried out for a major mobile and online services provider, and it has already received the first positive reviews from end users. For Auriga, this new application is another page in our extensive portfolio of mobile projects that we have delivered to our clients from all over the world.