MassTLC’s unConference: Innovation in Its Purest Form

For the third year in a row, Auriga is going to sponsor and participate in the Innovation unConference hosted by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC). This year’s event will take place on October 23, 2015, in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. We welcome you to join us there.

Over 1,000 passionate, innovative minds—ranging from C-level executives to entrepreneurs—will get together for one day of interactive and improvised sessions, brainstorms, and discussions that will unleash innovative ideas with the potential to change our future.

The concept of the unConference is simple: There is no set agenda or determined panels and keynotes. The attendees determine the topics that matter and share their opinions and experience on them, allowing the unstructured environment of the event and its dynamic and high-energy atmosphere to drive and amplify their ideas.

Andrey Pronin—SVP of Strategy, Technology, and Marketing at Auriga—shared his thoughts on the event:

There is a reason we keep coming back to this event. MassTLC’s unConference has a unique atmosphere that allows people to exchange their ideas without filtering them first. Everyone here celebrates originality and innovation and is open to all kinds of concepts. The enthusiasm of the participants is extraordinary. If you’ve ever wanted to be exposed to disruptive thinking, agile practices, or outside-the-box approaches, you will not find a better place than the unConference.

The event also provides an invaluable opportunity to facilitate connections between entrepreneurs and emerging startups and prospective investors and service providers who could help turn ideas into products and services that could improve the lives of people globally.

As a software development company that has been delivering innovative solutions to our clients for 25 years, Auriga is excited to be a sponsor and an active participant of the Innovation unConference once again.

Our experts will provide you with detailed information on the engineering services offered by Auriga and will be available to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

To arrange a meeting at the MassTLC Innovation unConference 2015, please contact our experts:

Mr. Andrey Pronin, SVP, Strategy, Technology, and Marketing:

Phone: +1 (866) 645-1119 (ext. 202)

Mr. Marc Schlackman, Sales Director:

Phone: +1 (866) 645-1119 (ext. 204)