MassTLC’s unConference: Long Live the Spirit of Innovation


MassTLC’s unConference: Long Live the Spirit of Innovation

November 6, 2015

Contrary to the popular assumption, innovation is not just a good idea. How many supposedly good ideas are born every day in all parts of the world? And how many of them make it to a final product? How many of them change people’s lives for the better?

If you don’t have a process in place to implement your idea, if you don’t focus on its testing, improvement, and refinement, your idea is (I’m sorry to say) useless. It will never turn into an innovation. The companies that understand this are productive and successful; they are the ones changing our future.

Yet the process of innovation begins with an idea. This process needs to be fostered by creating a living environment that supports growth. And there is no better place for encouraging innovation and celebrating potentially future-changing ideas than the Innovation unConference organized by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC).

This year, Auriga sponsored and participated in the unConference for the third time in a row, and again, it was a success. The unique setting—there are no predetermined panels or keynotes—and openness of the participants to all kinds of ideas, even the “crazy” ones, creates a special atmosphere where brainstorming comes easily.

Over 700 people representing Massachusetts’ tech ecosystem—including C-level executives, investors, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs—gathered under one roof and took advantage of improvised interactive sessions, spontaneous networking, and passionate discussions to bring their businesses to the next level.

This year, the crowd at the unConference once again put an outstanding set of topics on the unAgenda. Some of the most exciting sessions were focused on hiring good tech talent, product management, Internet of Things, and women in tech.

Andrey Pronin—SVP of Strategy, Technology, and Marketing at Auriga—shared his thoughts on the event:

It is our third year in a row attending MassTLC’s unConference. What I love about this event is that it creates an inspirational collaborative environment where people can learn, teach, share ideas, find solutions, and create connections that help their businesses reach higher levels.

“This is an event that people value, a place where they not only come with an idea but discuss how this idea can be turned into something better, how it can contribute to the success of their products, how it can help people. The event definitely lived up to its tag line ‘a one-day experience like no other’. And I am honored that Auriga has been a part of this experience and this group of bright minds that strives to celebrate the innovation culture.

About the Mass Technology Leadership Council, Inc.

With more than 550 member companies, MassTLC is the region’s leading technology association and the premier network for tech executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy leaders. MassTLC’s purpose is to accelerate innovation by connecting people from across the technology landscape, providing access to industry-leading content and ideas, and offering a platform for visibility for member companies and their interests. Read more at

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