Auriga Named Top Company for Corporate Social Responsibility

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) named Auriga, the US-based expert R&D and IT software outsourcing services provider, among the top companies for its programs for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and programs for innovation. Auriga was rated highest in CSR category of the Global Outsourcing 100® list with a score of 7 vs. the average score of 3.79.

Earlier this year, Auriga made the IAOP® Global Outsourcing 100® list of the world’s leading outsourcing service providers for the ninth year in a row. In 2016, the independent jury evaluated companies based on five key aspects: size and growth, customer references, awards and certifications, programs for innovation, and programs for CSR.

Auriga received top scores in the Customer References (8 vs 6.29 on average) and high marks in the Programs for Innovation (6 vs 4.45) and Programs for CSR judging categories. The company was also honored by being included in two sub-lists: Best Rising Stars in Overall Revenue and Best Rising Stars in Number of Countries Worldwide. Moreover, Auriga was named among Super Stars of the Global Outsourcing 100® for its sustained excellence (being on GO100® list the last consecutive 5 years or more).

Buyers understand there are hundreds of qualified service providers […] out there, but what they really need to understand now is what makes each one exceptional, said IAOP CEO Debi Hamill. The Global Outsourcing 100® [list has] done just that. We’re proud to recognize Auriga for being among the highest rated companies in CSR.

Vyacheslav Vanyulin, Auriga’s General Manager, comments,

We count it a true honor to be named among the leading outsourcing service providers in corporate social responsibility and programs for innovation according to the IAOP®. CSR has always been one of the pillars of Auriga’s business, and we are very pleased to know that our collaborative effort to contribute to a better world has been recognized by the independent IAOP® jury. We are also very grateful to our customers for their generous references and willingness to share their stories with the IAOP® jury. Auriga’s recognition would be impossible without the inspiration we constantly get from our clients, their challenges, transparent and honest communications, their confidence and loyalty.

Although Auriga has been ranked so high today, we know we must continually strive to improve our performance. We will continue embedding CSR objectives in our core corporate values, as well as integrating CSR initiatives into our everyday practices, develop innovative programs and improve our processes in order to encourage our employees, customers, and partners to focus on creating a positive impact on the society.

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