Auriga Baltics Again Awarded “Strongest in Lithuania” Certificate

We are proud to announce that Auriga Baltics, Auriga’s engineering center in Vilnius (Lithuania), was once again awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate. For the third time, Auriga Baltics has been acknowledged as being one of the most financially stable, sound, and reliable companies in the country.

Annually, the credit bureau “Creditinfo” issues the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificates by applying the most advanced econometric methods and assessing companies based on the strictest criteria. The most important criterion is a high rate of solvency, which indicates that there is a low statistical probability that a company will not meet its financial obligations for 90 or more days in the upcoming 12-month period.

Auriga Baltics shows continuous financial stability and the capability of meeting its financial obligations on time. We were first awarded the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate in 2015, and we proved our reliability once again in 2017. It is now the third time Auriga Baltics has been certified as a financially strong company. Only 4% of Lithuanian companies have ever been rated at the same level.

Sergey Berezko, Head of Auriga’s European Branch, commented on this accomplishment:

The “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate demonstrates to our current and potential customers that Auriga Baltics is a reliable and responsible company and strengthens the trust of our partners both in Lithuania and abroad. Moreover, this acknowledgement is an additional factor that makes Auriga an attractive and exciting place to work. Continuously staying among the strongest Lithuanian companies is a great honor for us and a considerable competitive advantage that allows us to expand our business in Europe.