Auriga Launches New Website

Auriga is pleased to announce the release of our freshly redesigned corporate website! A completely new design, a clear presentation of the company’s expertise, an online case studies portfolio, mobile- and tablet-friendly – those are the key changes that will enrich user experience and provide valuable insights on Auriga’s expertise.

The new website makes it easier for visitors to get an overview of what Auriga is all about – from the software development services we offer and the industries we deal with, to cooperation and pricing models we employ in our work and the latest company news. We have revised and restructured most of the content to make it clearer and more concise.

A remarkable feature of the new website is the success stories section – here, we publish our recent and most interesting project case studies that you can filter by industry, expertise, or technology, using convenient tag navigation. This will be continuously updated to ensure users access content of the utmost relevance to them.

We also encourage you to visit our blog, which is frequently updated with information about our latest projects, top-notch industry trends, tech events we participate in, and some outsourcing tips to help you familiarize yourself with the whole outsourcing process. In addition to the company website, Auriga also has active social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Feel free to keep in touch – we appreciate your feedback very much!

Natalja Panina, Marketing Communications Director at Auriga, commented:

We envision our corporate website as a dynamic, living communication channel that is being constantly changed to reflect up-to-date market trends. We strive to make it simple, attractive, modern-looking, and yet very content-rich for our potential customers, encouraging them to choose Auriga. Our existing customers may also visit our site to learn about Auriga’s recent news, events, and achievements.

We hope visitors to our new web site are as excited about it as we are. This is only the first step of the site redesign. We will continue investing effort into improving and developing the new web site. We invite you to explore it and experience the new look and fresh content. As always, we welcome your feedback!