Auriga Launches New Nearshore Software R&D Lab in Lithuania

Auriga Baltics, Auriga’s engineering center in Vilnius (Lithuania), launches a new R&D lab, which will be providing software research, development and testing services to one of its major clients, a leading German medical device manufacturer. The lab aims primarily at software testing of sophisticated medical devices.

Auriga Baltics has accumulated extensive experience of setting up and running embedded software development and testing centers. They help us cut development and testing time significantly – and this is what differentiates us among others.

Over just a couple of months, the lab has evolved from a concept to a living project. Together with the customer, Auriga is building a modern excellence center equipped with all the required tools. While the lab is under construction, Auriga is hosting a workshop for the customer to clarify all the project details. Auriga’s experts are putting finishing touches on the lab right now, and in June 2019, Auriga’s engineering team will start testing customer’s products in the newly established lab. The service will be aligned with the client’s processes and provided in accordance with the IEC 62304, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971 requirements.

Auriga is currently operating a dozen of R&D labs, including labs for medical devices, embedded software labs, telecom labs, high voltage electrotechnical labs, and others. All of them are equipped and deployed precisely in accordance with specific clients’ needs. Each lab is an ideal work space for the customer to develop a prototype of a new-generation device, try out different frameworks and configurations, quickly test new platforms and architectures, and implement new features before launching the product into the market.

In our medical labs, we create software for the sophisticated devices containing multiprocessor architecture with actuators (hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, electric, mechanical, thermal). Over the years, we have learned how to create special conditions for the development and testing of a wide range of medical devices. For example, we have a “wet” lab with blood-emulating liquids and a lab that allows working with gases. While developing software for medical devices, we effectively apply experience from other industries (for example, telecom) and actively involve Digital Twin elements, such as functional simulators and HIL testing.

Sergey Berezko, Head of Auriga Baltics, explains how customers benefit from such labs:

The reality is that it takes companies too much time and money to build or expand R&D centers on their own: set up on their own premises; attract additional staff to run it; install, keep, and maintain complex medical equipment… Why not nearshore this all to Lithuania, where solutions are quick, tech talent is plenty, and costs are more than competitive?

Vilnius is a great place for nearshoring, a short flight away from most European capitals, sharing European standards, and a perfect cultural fit. Imagine your product is being developed and tested next door, but faster, cheaper and hassle-free. That is why more and more embedded device owners and manufacturers nearshore their R&D projects to us.

About Auriga Baltics

Auriga Baltics, Auriga’s engineering center in Vilnius, Lithuania, covers all aspects of nearshore software engineering services and focuses on embedded systems, software for medical devices, Industry 4.0 and industrial automation, IoT and Big Data solutions. In 2018, Auriga Baltics grew by 40% and participated in several complex projects encompassing system-level and embedded software development, medtech R&D, cloud computing, HIL testing, and test automation.

About Auriga, Inc.

Auriga, Inc. is an elite software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U.S. and operating development centers in the Eastern Europe. Auriga offers the full range of software engineering services – managed teams and projects – for high-tech and software vendors, allowing them to quickly build and scale teams, access required skills and expertise, focus on strategic tasks. The client list includes Barclays, Broadvision, Chrysler, Dialogic, Digital Guardian, Draeger Medical, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and many other leading technology companies.