Auriga Presents Predictive Maintenance Model at Hilti POC Contest

Auriga, a software R&D services provider, was recently invited to participate in a Proof of Concept (POC) contest on the topic of predictive maintenance organized by Hilti Corporation, global leader in providing cutting-edge tools, software, and services to the construction industry. Hilti POC contests are tech events where selected companies compete in solving real-world engineering and business challenges.

Auriga’s team included three experts with extensive knowledge of machine learning, data science, and data processing. They were given 2 weeks to analyze the problem and data and come up with potential solutions.

The team presented their hypotheses and suggestions at the Hackathon finals held at the Hilti corporate headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

Auriga scored highest in the technical category due to its strong data approach. The jury commented positively, particularly on the selection of models and the applied metrics, the model comparison and criticism, as well as the understandability of the code.

Theresa Neuhauser, organizer of the Hilti POC contest, said:

With events like the Hilti POC contest, software development companies and partners are given the opportunity to prove their ability to think out of the box and deliver strong, innovative solutions in a short period of time. We congratulate the Auriga team on their convincing results on this predictive maintenance challenge!

Vyacheslav Vanyulin, CEO at Auriga, stated:

The Hilti Hackathon was a great chance to prove our experience in solving real-life complex business challenges at the forefront of innovation. This was Auriga’s first time participating in the Hilti POC contest – we appreciate this opportunity to demonstrate our competence and dedication and come up with solid technical and business ideas. The challenge was both fascinating and formidable, and we would like to thank Hilti for their valuable feedback!