Auriga Introduces Hybrid Workplace Initiative to Provide Safer Workspace During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries, and IT outsourcing is no exception. One of the challenges Auriga faced during these trying times was providing a safer workspace for employees that would meet all the healthcare requirements and safety standards while still maintaining project security and productivity. Given that some of our projects require regular interactions with laboratory equipment, it seemed impossible to provide remote work for all its staff. Thus, we came up with the idea of arranging a hybrid workplace.

We started developing and implementing a hybrid workplace model with one of our teams that works for a prominent medical device manufacturer. According to the project requirements, a large and constantly growing team must work in a space separated from other teams to ensure 100% security. Having communicated the problem and potential solution to the customer, we customized and tested a secure booking system. As we needed different engineers to be on-premises in different time slots (i.e., to maintain lab equipment), we created schedules for the assigned teams and projects. We also rearranged the improved space (rooms) to accommodate team members in the best way and according to government health guidelines. Thus, we achieved a safer workspace in terms of both COVID-19 protocol requirements and security needs. The booking system is still under development, but we expect it to be ready any day now.

Elena Baranova, Director of Engineering at Auriga, commented on the innovation:

Today, given the global situation, the safety and health of our employees remain the top priority for our company. We are happy to introduce a solution that doesn’t violate any project security requirements while mitigating the risk of infection.”

The introduction of a hybrid workplace approach will help us decrease the risk of infection and enhance team coordination. It will also allow us to expand the team for new projects without requiring as much additional space as usual, which will result in a cost reduction. For the customer, this improvement means that the allocated space is secure and has passed all lab audit requirements, while the assigned teams’ performance is more productive and efficient. With the initiative project going successfully, several other large Auriga customers are interested and ready to implement the program for their projects.