Auriga Presents on Remote R&D Centers at Japanese Business Club Session

Auriga, a custom software development and testing services provider, recently participated in an online business session organized by the Japanese Business Club (JBC) under the auspices of RUSSOFT, the national association of software companies in Russia. The JBC represents the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow. It includes nearly 200 corporate members, primarily Russian-based companies with Japanese engagement or employees, and promotes their business interests in the Russian market.

During the event, Auriga shared its core insights and lessons learned on establishing and operating remote embedded software R&D centers. The modern software outsourcing services market offers a wide span of terms describing engagement models. It can be confusing trying to figure out the difference between “team as a service,” “managed service,” “dedicated center,” and other names companies use to differentiate themselves from competitors. Based on our 30+ years of experience, we call it a “remote R&D center” and handle it as a one-stop service that includes engineers, infrastructure, and premises established and operated following local legal regulations. The thing is that this remote R&D center is tailored to the needs of the customer: the team can be scaled up and down, several remote teams can be deployed in several locations, they can perform different tasks and even separate projects demanding diverse technology stacks and equipment, and engineers can fully adopt customers’ in-house processes or use the ones chosen by Auriga.  

A remote R&D center could be the answer for companies looking to move forward to new markets, switching to new products or services while keeping the existing solutions up to date, or experiencing labor deficits but insecure in terms of setup process drawbacks, infrastructure availability, or legislation requirements. As the JBC event featured Japanese companies looking forward to expanding or even launching their businesses in Russia, Auriga’s experts felt that sharing our experience will significantly help navigate these uncharted waters. With our insights and analysis of how a remote R&D center works, we can help such companies with launching and supporting products on foreign markets, gaining access to pools of skilled experts, decreasing operational costs, acquiring new customers, and accelerating innovation.

As the biggest concerns for Japanese companies are how to mitigate the issues associated with the setup process and management resources remotely to deliver software projects quickly, Auriga’s presentation also addressed the challenges connected with both questions. The composition and the weight of each risk or issue are unique for every client: equipment accessibility, network infrastructure reliability, IP security measure robustness, labor legislation, and cultural specifics vary from case to case. While there is no silver bullet, our experts know when each issue may arise and how to predict it to minimize the risks early on, which is why customers rely on Auriga in building remote R&D centers.

Andrey Shastin, Auriga’s Head of Global Business Development in the medical and embedded system domains, commented:

Being a three-decade leader in embedded software development and testing, Auriga has accumulated vast experience in establishing remote embedded software R&D centers for its American and European clients. The company supports a wide range of engagement models, including the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) option, paired with pricing approaches to meet clients’ needs and provide maximum flexibility, scalability, and added value.

Auriga has modest experience with Japanese companies, as it has historically focused on the USA and Europe. Nevertheless, we are currently expanding our global reach to build fruitful relations with Asian clients. We see embedded software R&D as a niche we could fill, given our 30 years’ experience. We value the opportunity to promote our services to potential Japanese customers at the JBC session.

Auriga looks forward to cooperating with Japanese companies on joint software projects for a better, safer, and more efficient tomorrow. Contact us to discuss the benefits of building a remote software R&D center and the best fit for your next project.