Auriga Baltics Receives Sixth Consecutive “Strongest in Lithuania” Award

Auriga is honored to announce that Auriga Baltics, the company’s development center in Vilnius (Lithuania), has again received the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate. For the last 6 consecutive years, Auriga has been recognized as one of the most financially sound, stable, and reliable companies that fulfill all their obligations on time.

The “Strongest in Lithuania” certificates are issued by the Credit Bureau “Creditinfo,” which conducts a strict assessment of each candidate company by applying advanced econometric methods. The crucial assessment criterion is a high solvency rate, which indicates a low risk of the company not meeting its financial obligations for 90 or more days in the upcoming 12-month period. The company’s solvency rate is evaluated based on its credit history, financial results and their changes, business connections, and other considerations.

Sergey Berezko, Head of Auriga’s European Branch, comments on the award:

It’s a great achievement to be listed as one of the strongest companies in Lithuania. The certificate confirms that Auriga consistently maintains a robust financial position, being a reliable employer and a trustworthy partner. This recognition is yet another proof that our financial stability has only grown over the years. This is yet another good reason for our potential customers to prioritize us over the competitors. With this in mind, we are eager to further expand our operations in Europe in the years to come.”

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