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Automotive Solutions

For over twenty years, Auriga has been gaining experience in the complex area of embedded solutions, dealing with a wide range of communication protocols and the stringent standards of the life-critical medical and avionics industries. Thus, it is no wonder that Auriga is well equipped to provide software-development services for automotive companies. In recent years, gaining expertise in the automotive industry has become a natural progression of our built-in strengths.

1. We have significant experience with various embedded platforms (we even develop real-time embedded operating systems for some of our clients) and required communication interfaces such as CAN bus (in addition to the automotive industry, similar interfaces are also used by our clients in the medical devices industry).

2. We have experience developing life-critical, high-availability, and other special types of solutions for the medical, avionics, and telecom segments.

3. We know networking technologies, with experience performing projects ranging from developing TCP/IP stacks, embedded web services, and network access interfaces to creating rich-interface Internet applications.

4. At the same time, we are also skilled in the GUI side of software, as we have developed numerous PC, mobile, and web UI applications for our clients. The mobile area is one of our key areas of expertise in which we can outperform other companies. We go above and beyond the UI side of software by developing system-level components and complex solutions for telemetry, location-based services, real-time media streaming, etc.

Auriga has executed several successful projects in the mobile area, including:

  • The development of software components for the in-car module (residing on CAN bus) that collects car-efficiency metrics and a map-navigation application for an auto media center that displays city maps installed on an iOS device connected to an auto player
  • The development of automotive mobile applications using CAN protocols to obtain data from the vehicle with further expansion to complex car solutions using cloud-computing technologies
  • The development of a set of mobile applications that provides an enhanced experience for car owners during track racing (offers auto track detection, current track position, real-time technical information, average/best times, etc.)

Auriga engineers are experts in the development of complex software and software/hardware combination products. Our extensive knowledge and experience in multiple areas help us to bring extra value to automotive projects. Often, the skills gained elsewhere are highly relevant; just check the examples from other industries:

  • The use of transport layer protocol over CAN as part of a monitoring solution project for a leading medical-devices manufacturer (the display receives multiple data by means of CAN bus via an i82527 controller from the backend and processes it in real-time mode)
  • The use of SeaTalk CAN-based protocol to obtain information from numerous marine devices, process it, and deliver it to the user through a multifunctional display
  • The development of GUI for hardware platforms based on new-generation ARM microprocessors with a multitude of periphery devices (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM/CDMA, GPRS, 4-40” displays)
  • The development of GUI for multifunctional display (MFD) for marine navigation with advanced chart plotting and sonar technology
  • The development of embedded GUI for a set of patient monitors with advanced patient data displayed from diverse sources in real-time mode
  • The development of GUI for a central monitoring and remote access station displaying various patient data from thirty-two monitors in real-time mode 

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