CES 2018: The Epicenter of Automotive Innovation

The new year has started with an exciting technological event – CES 2018, one of the largest global trade fairs. During January 9-12, 2018, the Las Vegas event hosted more than 3,900 exhibitors, from major international brands to innovative startups, showcasing world-changing technologies and exceptional know-how. The conference program covered the entire tech industry through more than 900 speakers across some 200 conference sessions.

CES 2018 touched practically every sector of the global economy. The main topics on the agenda included artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), 5G, smart cities and smart homes, autonomous vehicles, robotics, digital health, and more. Over 55,000 international attendees explored the latest in driverless cars, emotion-sensing robots, eSports, and other breakthrough technologies expected to shape our connected digital future.

Along with the world’s business leaders, government representatives, brilliant innovators, and pioneering thinkers, Auriga’s experts could not miss the opportunity to take part in the event. This year, the focus of our attention was vehicle technology – the emerging automotive trends, self-driving tech, and connected vehicles, in-vehicle infotainment, telematics, and smart mobility.

CES 2018 demonstrated again that the IoT is disrupting the automotive industry: consumers demand more technology in their vehicles, and more and more key vehicle functions now rely on software. It is important to notice that the IoT era is being driven by the embedded technologies, which have been one of the main focus areas for Auriga since the very beginning of its operations.

Yuri Kirkel, Auriga’s Executive Vice President, comments:

After visiting CES 2018, we are more certain than ever that we are on the right track! Our long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with large automotive manufacturers and promising start-ups continues to strive through advanced software development projects connected with autonomous drivingwireless diagnostics, and in-vehicle infotainment. Our rich expertise, deep knowledge, and many years of experience allow us to provide our customers not only with reliable and secure solutions but also with a wide range of value added services.

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