Wireless Efficiency Metrics Solution

A US automotive leader hired Auriga to develop a wireless efficiency metrics software solution to enhance its diagnostics suite with aggregated issues data specific to running vehicles.

Projects Highlights

Auto-start at ignition. Embedded software on the in-car CAN module updated to provide access to the required metrics data for authorized mobile devices. GPS/GLONASS data reading algorithm with customizable refresh rate (1-5 sec). File the tracking data for main metrics and location. GSM module for data transfer. Cloud storage integration. Google Maps integration. Gantt visualization charts.

Achieved Benefits

Provides service technicians with real-time information on the issues reproduces only on running vehicles. Benchmark data (time, temperature, battery charge, tire pressure, speedometer/ odometer readings, etc.) acquired and recorded for analysis. Customizable reports on routes up to five days duration. Data mining for route conditions analysis.