Auriga Confirms Its Leadership in Software Development for the Healthcare Industry

For the fifth year in a row, Auriga is included in the Best 10 Rising Stars[*] by Industry Focus – Healthcare sub-list of the Global Outsourcing 100® list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP®). The main challenge of this domain is the stringent safety, reliability, and quality software requirements resulting from the life-critical nature of the developed systems used in intensive care hospital units. It should be mentioned that the Global Outsourcing 100® list is based not only on unbiased company performance indicator evaluations, but also on client feedback with respect to service quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we at Auriga consider our longstanding inclusion in the “Industry Focus – Healthcare” sub-list a great achievement and recognition of the high professionalism of all our specialists, including, most notably, our engineering department.

This recognition of Auriga’s expertise in the healthcare domain is definitely not accidental. For almost 10 years, Auriga has been providing a wide range of services to medical OEMs. During this time, the company has accumulated considerable experience in the area of development of system-level and embedded software for life-support and monitoring systems, lung ventilation, X-ray systems, and so on. Along with software development, Auriga’s highly skilled professionals carry out testing, verification, and validation of software products and provide technical support at all stages of the software lifecycle.

At present, the medical device market is rapidly expanding. In 2011 in the US, market revenue exceeded $105 billion. Analysts estimate that the global market size for the same period amounted to $300 billion. Experts also forecast that this market’s CAGR will be around 5% and the turnover will reach $350 billion by 2016.

As a result of the extreme competitiveness, medical OEMs are forced to constantly upgrade existing devices and release new versions of SW in as short a time as possible.

Auriga has worked on several recent projects that demonstrate the company’s ability to create fully functioning software prototypes for new medical devices within the shortest time spans possible (as little as three months). This allows our customers to select the most efficient products and to make timely decisions to indicate needed changes to strategic plans, aligning them with new trends, ideas, and market requirements.

All medical devices developed by Auriga comply with common global industry standards FDA 21 CFR Part 820, ISO 13485, IEC 60601-1-8, and IEC 62304. The high-quality development required for medical equipment is guaranteed by the team’s certification pursuant to such standards as SPICE (ISO 15504).

During 22 years of successful performance, Auriga proved that when it comes to creating complex solutions for industries with specific quality and reliability software requirements (medicine, avionics, telecommunications), we feel at home. The fact that in each of the last five years, IAOP® acknowledged Auriga as one of the best service providers in the healthcare industry just proves it, says Vyacheslav Vanyulin, Auriga’s General Manager.

[*]  The Rising Stars category recognizes companies with <5000 employees.