Doing Well by Doing Good: Auriga’s Efforts in Creating Social Awareness

For 22 years, Auriga has been providing innovative, quality products globally. As a top-class software vendor, Auriga understands the importance of and shows a deep commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our CSR strategy includes measures that help us reduce operating costs through continuous improvement while minimizing environmental impacts. We also take measures to provide a platform for positively engaging employees and communities on issues that are important to them.

Auriga consistently encourages our employees to donate time and/or money to community service (i.e., various projects that focus on social welfare, education, and environmental issues).

In 2012, for the first time, we launched a survey to measure employee volunteering. In 2011–2012, Auriga’s employees volunteered more than 3,500 hours of their own time (outside of working hours). Our volunteers can be found almost everywhere, but they are most commonly engaged in various civic projects to address programs that aid orphans and children deprived of parental care, assist people with expensive medical conditions, and promote elderly care and animal protection. In every city where Auriga has locations, our employees are involved in their communities, working to improve the world.

The following are examples of volunteer programs in which our employees participated in 2012:

Fundraising groups

A number of Auriga’s employees are active fundraising group participants to aid people (mostly children) with expensive medical conditions that require urgent surgeries or special medical treatment).

Helping orphans and children deprived of parental care

Auriga’s employees devote time to helping orphanages and working with children in regions. They donate clothes, toys, books, and stationery; promote fundraising activities to provide orphanages with costly facilities and equipment; organize events for kids; and volunteer their time to spread information and awareness about these institutions.

Helping Senior Citizens

In December 2012, Auriga’s employees partnered with the local community to provide practical and thoughtful gifts to assisted living seniors. Many employees joined in to help create a merrier holiday season for seniors.

You can read Auriga’s Corporate Social Responsibility Statement here.