Digital Guardian Comments Longstanding Relationship with Auriga

Our longtime client—the manufacturer of complex and time-proven data security solutions, Digital Guardian, formerly Verdasys,—recently expressed appreciation of Auriga’s services and consistent performance.

In the video below, Ruben Echandy, Vice President, Engineering, says,

Digital Guardian has an exceptional engineering team that is only able to work with other exceptional people. I feel that Auriga has such exceptional people that can deal with exceptional ideas. Auriga has always been able to come through for us. I particularly like that, with very little information, they take strong initiative to bring a concept to reality and deliver.

One of the things I like most is how well organized they are. In fact, we adopted some of the weekly update formats and delivery documents they use.

And I liked it so much that I actually started doing the same things with my team.

They are also very accommodating to our time zone requirements. Any time we need to have a meeting, any time we need their presence at a design review, and, more importantly, any time we need them to investigate a customer issue, they are always available.

Thank you very much, Auriga.


Digital Guardian has deployed over 2 million agents worldwide to protect 52 million Tb of sensitive data daily. Over 250 of the largest brands from the healthcare, energy, financial services, government, manufacturing, and technology domains across 54 countries trust Digital Guardian to take care of their most critical business data.

A client’s appreciation and commitment to a long-term business relationship are true measures of a project’s success. We are grateful for Digital Guardian’s support and continued faith in us.