Auriga Undertakes Healthcare Business Mission to Saudi Arabia

This May, Auriga’s CEO, Vyacheslav Vanyulin, and Andrey Shastin, Technology and Business Partnering Executive, embarked on a productive business trip to Saudi Arabia. Their primary goal was to get an insight into the business needs of local healthcare organizations and system integrators regarding healthcare digitalization and to evaluate the possibilities for forthcoming partnerships.

Throughout the mission, representatives from Auriga engaged with top officials from Saudi Arabia’s major hospitals, including Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Mishari Hospital and Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, among others. These interactions facilitated a deeper understanding of the medical institutions’ needs and priorities and opened dialogues about potential cooperation in healthcare digitalization.

The decision to expand into the Saudi Arabia market for Auriga, a prominent provider of innovative medtech solutions, is well-justified. The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing rapid development in information technology (IT). In recent years, the government of the country has made substantial endeavours to integrate advanced technologies into medical institutions.

Under the state initiative Vision-2030, the Saudi Arabian government has outlined plans to invest more than $65 billion toward developing the country’s healthcare infrastructure. This demonstrates the country’s readiness for substantial transformations and the modernization of the existing healthcare system. The primary objective is to increase the private sector’s investment in healthcare from 40 percent to 65 percent by 2030. The privatization of 290 hospitals and 2,300 primary medical centers has been envisioned to accomplish this.

Vyacheslav Vanyulin commented:

These ambitious plans and substantial investments foster a conducive environment for advancing innovative medical technologies and solutions. Auriga, leveraging its expertise in the field of medical technologies, recognizes Saudi Arabia as a promising market teeming with partnership and collaboration prospects. The country’s pursuit of contemporary IT solutions in healthcare aligns well with Auriga’s ability to provide cutting-edge technologies and innovative medtech software. Together, we can enhance the healthcare system and elevate the quality of medical services in Saudi Arabia.

The market for medical equipment in Saudi Arabia is valued at approximately $2 billion, and it consistently demonstrates a stable annual growth rate of around 10 percent. The country is actively working towards advancing the production of high-tech medical equipment, shifting away from low-cost disposable materials. The Saudi Arabian government provides financial incentives to encourage local production and attract investments in this sector. Notably, the government has identified several areas of medical technologies as highly promising, including emergency care devices for operating rooms and intensive care units, rehabilitation equipment, diagnostic equipment, and electromedical equipment. This creates new opportunities for the development and innovation of medical equipment in Saudi Arabia.

Andrey Shastin assessed the business mission as highly productive, stating:

The success of the business mission goes beyond accomplishing our commercial objectives; it also entails forging long-term partnerships with local IT system integrators to explore future collaborative opportunities on major projects. This trip allowed us to venture into a new environment, comprehend client needs, and overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. It enabled us to broaden our business horizons and enhance our reputation as a dependable partner for companies in the Middle Eastern region. We can offer innovative solutions and skilled support to help achieve ambitious digitalization goals across various sectors of Saudi Arabia’s economy.

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