BLE-Based Identification Hospital Mobile App

A US-based hospital tasked Auriga with the development of a mobile application to provide its patients with up-to-date data about the care team assigned to the case.

Projects Highlights
  • System architecture and components development.
  • Bedside iPad native application for patients development.
  • GUI app development and animation.
  • BLE beacons configuration and integration with mobile app.
  • Back-end application for interoperability with EHR.
  • User stories for patient, his companion, care team member, system administrator.
  • Server-side apps deployed to HIPAA-compliant AWS Cloud.
Achieved Benefits
  • Compliance with the hospital security policy and HIPAA requirements.
  • System reaction time at 400ms to provide data almost simultaneously.
  • 99.7% availability: CI/CD pipeline configured by our DevOps expert contributed to frequent releases with closeto-zero downtime.
  • Reliability and data integrity at 98.6%