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Auriga's experience encompasses more than 20+ years of delivering high-class software development projects for telecom product vendors and equipment manufacturers worldwide. Auriga helps telecom companies meet hi-tech challenges by providing competent project management and dedicated engineering teams with top-notch skills.

The software solutions developed by Auriga are successfully implemented, licensed and used by the world's leading players of the telecommunication market, and one of the products created by Auriga (the Hot Swap Kit) is licensed by Microsoft for inclusion into Windows XP Embedded.

Auriga's close involvement in telecom projects, such as the development of shelf management solutions or a modular runtime and development environment for voice, fax and call processing applications, has provided the company with considerable technical competency using, applying and developing industry standards. Together with Pigeon Point Systems—Auriga’s partner and long-term customer—the company is an active participant in the elaboration of the industry-wide PICMG standards family.

Auriga's engineers have deep knowledge of computer telephony (CT) application design and architecture principles and extensive experience in voice, fax, and call processing application development, creating tools for automated extensive CT application testing and CT application regression testing. Auriga created the high performance raw FibreChannel messaging software emulating the UDP sockets interface.

Auriga's proven capabilities cover a wide array of technologies and hardware used in large-scale telecom and industrial systems

  • Computer Telephony and Voice Over IP: voice, call, and fax processing; hardware, standards, and protocols
  • Communication, switching, management SBCs and other hardware from the leading telecom OEMs
  • The whole range of PICMG standards and platforms, including AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC, MicroTCA, CompactTCA, CompactPCI
  • Hot Swap and High Availability solutions
  • Industrial buses and switching fabrics
  • Network technologies: from TCP/IP stacks implementation and network interface drivers to distributed enterprise applications

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