Quotation Web App Modernization

A global construction industry leader asked Auriga to modernize the quotation web application by expanding its functionality, optimizing performance and making it accessible internationally for Customer’s offices.

Projects Highlights
  • Redesign of the standard constructions library GUI.
  • Outdated code cleaning and refactoring.
  • Architecture, DB and back-end redesign.
  • Customer Quotation Proposal automated draft compilation.
  • Integration with the cloud storage service.
  • Integration with SAP system.
  • Localization services (translation + adding region-specific modules for targeted appraisal).
Achieved Benefits
  • Precise and fast automated process of quotation for constructions sites based only on footage and layout.
  • Fully functional solution four months despite lack of documentation and outdated technologies.
  • Implemented across all Customer locations in five countries and planned for launch in three more.
  • Direct communication with Sales Managers for instant feedback and customization.