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A multinational manufacturer of construction products contracted Auriga to develop a distributed cloud-based backend for a mobile app used by construction professionals.
US-based airfare aggregation and distribution company tasked Auriga to develop a rich web interface application enabling users to search, compare and book air tickets.
US-based healthcare innovative start-up tasked Auriga to develop an automated remote monitoring system to enable outpatients to adhere to their prescription schedule.
US-based media services and content provider tasked Auriga to develop a multi-tenant music store solution for web/mobile clients.
US-based energy saving company tasked Auriga to develop a web-based, mobile-optimized multi-tier application for in-home energy audits to replace the existing desktop application.
A worldwide leader in medical device manufacturing tasked Auriga to develop an affordable patient monitoring solution for emerging markets.
An innovative start-up specializing in mobile and AR apps development tasked Auriga to develop an image recognition system.
Auriga developed an automated system of remote data gathering and analysis to reveal and prevent serious disease on early stages.