Windows Phone 8: Conquering the Mobile Operating Systems Market

The announcement that the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones are to hit the market this fall triggered renewed discussions about the outlook of the mobile OS market.

Recently, as reported by marketing company Kantar Worldpanel, there has been an upsurge in Windows Phone 7 market share in all the main markets. Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, and the USA have witnessed the doubling of the share since the beginning of 2012. IDC experts forecast that by the end of 2012, Microsoft’s operating system will have reached 5.2% of the global mobile OS market, significantly less than the share of Android, iOS, and Blackberry. However, IDC also reports that Windows Phone will take second place right after Android, with 19.2% market share and a unique growth rate of almost 50% in just four years, which will subsequently lead to an applications development boom for this OS.

Despite our clients’ conceptual interest in two leading mobile operating systems, Auriga has never wiped Microsoft products off the slate. The company’s engineers study the technological capabilities of the platform, as well as its hints and tips, with the aim of successful and quality WP7 applications development. Among projects successfully completed from scratch, Auriga can proudly present a mobile banking application for customers to manage their bank accounts, transactions, and payments and Travel Assistant, a solution for travel agents.

The mobile banking application is one of Auriga’s most promising solutions, and it has already attracted the interest of several banks. This ready-made mobile solution for banks is an application for managing accounts, cards, and deposits on a smartphone (the app works with Windows Phone 7 as well as with iOS, Android, RIM (Blackberry), and Bada). The application was created in close cooperation with banking analysts and experts, and our engineers examined all recent trends in the information security domain and applied their most up-to-date knowledge in the development of the application.

Another Windows Phone 7 solution, Travel Assistant, is an app that allows users to search flights with the option of booking.

The company’s engineers are currently working on other WP7 projects and look forward to the Windows Phone 8 release. The experience of Auriga’s engineers allows them to develop complex solutions in good time. In addition, if the analysts are right, then the volume of work for our programmers will definitely increase in the near future.