Nearshore Embedded R&D Labs: What Are They and What Are They For?

The growing interest in software development nearshoring directs closer attention to nearshore embedded R&D labs and raises several questions. What are these labs for and how do they function? How can you entrust your equipment and critical business tasks to a remote engineering team? In addition, why are more and more embedded devices owners and manufacturers in the mature technological markets choosing to nearshore their R&D activities?

What Services R&D Labs Offer

The range of services R&D labs offer is quite wide and usually comprises activities that are too expensive or inconvenient to perform on the client’s side. For instance, an R&D lab is a suitable environment for performing a Proof of Concept and developing and testing new demos and prototypes.

Additionally, the labs provide comprehensive maintenance and support, updates and upgrades for the client’s existing products, including the most complex and high-risk systems, as well as migration to a more modern programming language or a more advanced technology platform.

Furthermore, an embedded R&D lab is a perfect site for high-tech, innovative developments connected with the Internet of Things, medical device interoperability, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc., opening up almost endless opportunities to tailor the services to the customer’s specific needs.

What Benefits Clients Receive

It is often rather costly for companies to set up and run embedded device development and testing laboratories, install, keep, and maintain massive equipment on their own premises, and hire additional staff to operate these labs. A nearshore R&D lab is an ideal solution that drives companies to focus on more important objectives, while not compromising the highest standards.

By nearshoring their R&D labs to countries where rental costs and wages are considerably lower, businesses make substantial cost savings and avoid unnecessary stress. Moreover, the companies willing to set up an R&D lab in the EU have a great chance of reducing up to 80% of their expenses by applying to European funds that support and invest in R&D activities.

Instead of hiring and staffing in-house specialists, a client obtains a well-balanced and stable remote engineering team with strong technical capabilities and a deep understanding of the business area in question that shares the same culture and business practices and is easy to communicate with. The similar time zone allows for phone conversations, Skype meetings, and videoconferences during normal business hours.

Last but not least, nearshore R&D labs are usually only a short flight away from the customer’s office, which means that, in case of emergency, the remote experts can quickly go on-site. Thus, nearshoring minimizes the risk of delays and allows a formidable amount of work to be coped with fast and efficiently, saving not only money, but also your precious time.

What We Do in Our Labs

Auriga’s R&D labs strategically located in Europe are modern excellence centers providing software research and development as well as testing services to embedded device owners and manufacturers. By establishing, managing, and operating these labs together with our customers, we help them achieve innovation, think outside the box, and create new products, no matter how complex and sophisticated they are.

One of our labs is used to support the legacy devices of a major player in the healthcare industry. This is a special site equipped with large apparatus and built in accordance with the specific requirements of the client. In particular, the lab provides the high water quality level needed for the client’s equipment.

In another lab, we develop prototypes of new-generation safety- and life-critical devices. This lab is an ideal work space for the customer to try different frameworks and quickly test new platforms and architectures, implement new features, and check how it all functions prior to delivering it to the market.

Sergey Berezko, Head of Auriga Baltics, explains why our labs are so effective and in-demand:

We are motivated to go beyond what is expected and generate sustained added value for our customers. By establishing embedded R&D labs manned by Auriga’s expert teams, our clients benefit from innovative technologies, reduced expenses, a good cultural fit, and the unique approaches we embrace, improving the products’ quality, shortening time to market, and supplying planned products to meet ever-changing market needs.

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