Enhancing Verification Processes: Auriga’s Insights from TT SDC Boston Conference
News December 18, 2023
Andrey Shastin, the Technology and Business Partnering Executive at Auriga, participated as a speaker at the 5th annual conference on medical device and diagnostic software...
Developing Software in Compliance with DO-178 Standard
Tech Corner May 29, 2023
DO-178 standard outlines the criteria for Software (SW) development in aviation technology’s onboard equipment and systems. Vyacheslav Ermalinskiy, the head of critical application software development...
The ultimate guide on how to navigate the Hardware-in-the-Loop world
Insights October 17, 2022
Race for Success Embedded solutions currently require both complex hardware and feature-rich software. A classic waterfall approach of product development supposes that hardware design and...
Auriga Talks at the Medical Device Software Development and Compliance Conference
News November 01, 2021
Auriga, a custom software development services provider, participated in the European Medical Device Software Development and Compliance Virtual Conference in October 2021. Andrey Shastin, Auriga’s...
Dynamic Program Analysis with Intel Pin
Tech Corner September 16, 2020
Dynamic program analysis, also known as profiling, is widely used in various business areas, from healthcare to industrial automation. It helps identify application hotspots and...
Docker Microservices Automated Testing for CI/CD
Tech Corner July 23, 2020
Financial apps, streaming services, logistics, e-commerce, and IoT solutions have been gaining new ground since the advantages of the microservices architecture have become more and...
Simulators & Digital Twins: What’s the Difference?
Insights December 14, 2019
One of the consequences of today’s fast-paced digitally oriented lifestyle is that our inboxes are overloaded with buzzwords. Terms that seem to be synonyms are...
Digital Twins and Robots in Medical Device Development and Testing
Insights November 25, 2019
Learn how to use the combination of digital twins, robots and manual testing in software development for medical devices.
Manual vs Automated Testing: How to Find a Balance?
Insights October 29, 2019
Recently, there has been a trend towards refusal of manual testing in favor of total automation. We discuss here when it is possible and when...