Secure Virtualization Platform


Secure Virtualization Platform

C++   ·    embedded   ·    Linux   ·    testing   ·    virtualization


A US-based embedded and RTOS vendor challenged Auriga with design, development and maintenance of virtualization platform to support embedded, real-time, safety critical, and security critical solutions.

Projects Highlights

Type 1 hypervisor, embedded and desktop clients.

Full virtualization and para-virtualization for guest OS.

Packet filtration, multiplexing/ demultiplexing in hypervisor.

Multi-core support: core sharing, core affinity and SMP.

Device virtualization: direct assignment and sharing.

Military-grade (avionics) secure partitions: partition separation, app/OS separation, protection against malicious software.

Based on open source solution (Qemu).

Achieved Benefits

Small footprint bare-metal, non-intrusive, efficient type 1 hypervisor for embedded and desktop multi-core platforms.

Packaged with development and configuration tools for real-time managing guest OS resource allocation, execution scheduling, and intercommunication.

Meet safety standards for DoD and avionics industry.


C/C++ ·  Assembler ·  Intel x86 · GNU Tool chain

Linux Kernel · Proprietary real-time UNIX






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