Established to Deliver: 5 Reasons Our Clients Choose Auriga

The software outsourcing market has had its ups and downs since the early 1990s, but we are currently witnessing rapid growth. Before 2020, the market was considered by analysts to be in stable growth. Technavio’s research predicted the IT outsourcing market size growth by $98 billion during 2020–2024, and the UK National Outsourcing Association report noted the significant interest of companies surveyed in increasing their outsourcing budget and project volumes. COVID-19 and worldwide lockdown impacted the status quo remarkably. In 2021, the software outsourcing market volume will exceed expectations and reach $108.7 billion, with the potential goal of $133 billion by 2025, according to the Accelerance report.

But every ointment has its fly, and the software outsourcing industry is not excluded. According to Dun and Bradstreet’s Barometer of Global Outsourcing, “20 to 25% of all outsourcing relationships fail within two years, and 50% fail within five.” Respondents blamed insufficient technical expertise (on both sides—the client and the provider), lack of communication, improper planning and unclear estimations, unrealistic deadlines and estimates. These sad stats reveal the simple truth about software outsourcing: to secure your project, the client must do some legwork and find the right outsourcing partner before launching the project itself. 

Auriga has been in business for 30 years. Our rating at, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, is 4.9/5, and IAOP has included us in the Global Outsourcing 100 List for 14 years in a row. We have found out what our clients particularly like about Auriga and why some have stayed with us since the start.

Vast Technical Expertise

“I think their depth of knowledge and ability to take on such a large codebase was the most impressive part. Auriga has been solid technically since we’ve been working with them.” – Theresa Markiewicz, Engineering & Product/Project Manager, BroadVision, Inc.

With over three decades of experience, Auriga is a mature company with a vast expertise area. We are recognizable experts in embedded systems, enterprise, and IoT solutions development, and we deliver top-notch services for the healthcare, automotive, telecom, and other industries. 

As stated in Auriga’s Strategic Plans article, one of our key areas of expertise is medical device software development. IAOP included Auriga in the Global Outsourcing 100 Best 10 Rising Stars List by Industry Focus—Healthcare—for 12 consecutive years for a reason. For over 17 years, we have provided the healthcare industry with the best-quality solutions ensuring networking, connectivity, and interoperability, and reducing alarm fatigue.

Another domain we have always been strong in is embedded software development on the tech level. 30+ years of embedded expertise and 13 testing & verification labs enable us to provide various software modeling, hardware, and hybrid simulation solutions. On top of that, Auriga was a pioneer in implementing Agile practices into embedded software development and will help you adopt Agile and improve the quality of your product.

Other priority domains for Auriga include high-tech & semiconductors and consumer & retail. We also keep pace with the global digital transformation processes offering data science, business app solutions, and cloud migration. Along with cultivating our tech strengths in the critical focus directions, we have deepened our expertise in other areas. For this purpose, we have founded a CTO advisory board uniting engineering, business development, and marketing experts where we monitor tech trends and challenges, expand our UVP, and facilitate internal processes.

Talented Staff

Since Auriga’s founding father, Dr. Alexis Sukharev, was a recognized Moscow State University professor, it is no marvel that one of the critical values of the company’s corporate culture has always been education and continuous self-development; however, soft skills and ambition are also necessary. We don’t hire people only for their education level or years of experience; we search for specialists who fit Auriga’s values and are sure to become real Aurigans—capable team players with a constant thirst for practical knowledge and self-improvement.

Here at Auriga, we don’t only take chances looking for potential Aurigans in the outer labor market—we grow them. Auriga has a corporate training center and a virtual educational platform called A-training. Both our current employees and any interested applicants can gain knowledge about IT and consulting and put it into practice under the guidance of Auriga’s experts. The brightest candidates receive a job offer.

“Auriga has good access to a pool of talented and capable engineers. They know software development very well, in terms of the product development life cycle and what it takes to go end to end through the architectural design, implementation, unit test, integration test and software system test.” – Senior Manager, Medical Device Company

Proactive Approach

One of Auriga’s advantages emphasized by many of our clients is the commitment and proactivity of Auriga’s teams. While others usually don’t bother to go beyond the set requirements of a project, we are eager to go the extra mile and suggest additional improvements to the customer’s product and the whole development process and then implement them successfully.

“They’re disciplined engineers and influenced us in a positive, synergistic way around best practices. They’re very able, and they helped our top-level leadership make the right decisions. They were both pragmatic and aggressive, and they had an intense batch of special skills. They changed resources to make sure we got the most for our money and hit milestones. I’ve never worked with an organization that took such ownership.” – Director of Software Product Development, Conservation Services Group

Agility and Smooth Processes

Now that the business landscape is transforming rapidly, with our customers and their needs changing accordingly, it’s vital that we stay flexible and keep up with the world. We are always ready to make changes to allow our clients to get the most from their collaboration with Auriga. Our ability to ramp up quickly and our Agile practices allow us to alter the processes and the product itself at any development stage and keep the product creation in line with any requirements changes.

“We’re always running and changing requirements and milestones. It’s complicated for them to work, but I think they’ve done a great job. The way we measure them is by pace and milestones where they have needed to deliver part of the code.” – Head of R&D, Medical Imaging Tech Company

All our processes and operating procedures are meticulously described and accurately followed, though they always leave some wiggle room for changes. These strict regulations help us deliver on time, while our flexibility allows us to adjust to our customers’ evolving needs. To monitor the development process and approve the schedules, we provide a dedicated PM who tracks milestones by holding regular scrum meetings and leads the team. Short sessions help our clients stay on track for the project and keep an eye on the deadlines.

“They were also very good at having systems in place to handle communication, testing, and milestone tracking and everything like that so that there was never any lost time.” – CEO, 3D Data Ltd.

Building Partnerships

In our article “Big or Small? Provider Size in Custom Software Development,” we wrote that mid-size companies, Auriga being one of them, tend to build strategic partnerships rather than outsource. That means that we try to establish a good rapport with our clients and become long-term partners who are ready to support each other and go beyond contractual obligations. The way we communicate with our clients and their teams—in a candid and forthright manner—is one of our key advantages.

Andrey Shastin, Auriga’s Head of Global Business Development in the medical and embedded systems domains, comments:

“Partnership is what we seek in each client of ours. We don’t just deliver software; instead, we try to establish long-lasting, productive relationships—a win-win for communication where each party feels safe and supported. Partners are those companies that care about each other’s business goals sharing the same values and achieving better results together.”

Are you thinking about becoming an Auriga partner? Feel free to contact us via our website form. To learn more about Auriga’s accomplished projects, proceed to the Case Studies page, where you can see how we have delivered in medical devices, embedded, enterprise, testing, and other domains.