30 Years and Counting: Auriga’s Strategic  Plans

Auriga is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021. We have overcome many challenges along the way, and with the pandemic significantly changing the business landscape, we are sure to face many more. The information technology landscape is changing. Our clients are transforming as well, and their needs are evolving accordingly. Hence, Auriga is expanding and requires new processes and approaches. This article shares our strategic plans and vision to define our business in the coming years.

Company Growth

The year 2020 was marked not only by the COVID-19 crisis – Auriga grew rapidly in revenue and employee count, going from an SME to a more prominent market player. Our strategy is to continue expanding our business by launching more engineering centers in new Eastern European locations. We forecast the company to grow 30% annually on average in the next three years. It is an ambitious but reachable target, given that the ongoing HR department transformation will enable us to boost the recruitment speed and staff projects faster.

Business Model Transformation

For three decades, our business model was traditional outsourcing. However, we are shifting to much-needed software engineering consulting and complex software services performed under Auriga’s management in tight cooperation with the customers’ engineering departments. This model will undoubtedly allow clients to benefit from our expertise and experience to ensure their projects’ success.

In a newly established CTO advisory board uniting engineering, business development, and marketing experts, we will expand our unique value proposition, convert our expertise into proven processes, and monitor tech trends and challenges in the priority areas named below. This will help us strategize the service offering, reinforce Auriga’s key differentiators, solidify our positioning in the market, and boost customer satisfaction.

Industry & Tech Focus

Strategizing is about leveraging our competitive advantages in the key focus directions. The next three years will allow us to cultivate our technological strengths and define our niches in the focus domains.

Medical device software development is one of our strategic domains for the years ahead. We will deepen our expertise in medical device interoperability, data exchange protocols, test automation, simulation, machine learning, and computer vision to add even more value to our medical software service offering. Other priority domains include high-tech & semiconductors and consumer & retail.

We are traditionally strong in embedded system software development on the tech level, which will remain our strategic focus. We will also keep up with the global digital transformation trend by focusing on developing business apps, data science solutions, and cloud migration. Moreover, we will further develop our expertise in testing complex systems and sophisticated devices, requiring specific test automation approaches and deep domain understanding.

Compliance & Security

Auriga operates in highly regulated and standardized industries, like healthcare. Thus, we must continue working toward the certification of our services, processes, and quality management system. Fortunately, we can draw on our experience of obtaining an ISO 13485 certificate in medical software testing.

Speaking of high operational standards, I must mention customer IP and information security, which has become a top priority for nearly every organization due to the emergence of the pandemic. Auriga cares about our customers’ data and the secure operation of our solutions in real-life environments. Clearly, ensuring security will be our strategic objective for the next three years.

Promising Partnerships

Auriga always strives to be part of professional communities. In the next three years, we hope to actively participate in OR.NET and other associations’ activities to deepen our understanding of specific market trends, challenges, and opportunities. We will also broaden our technology partnerships with renowned market players, as we did with Parasoft and Intel Partner Alliance. Moreover, our engineering center in Vilnius will strengthen ties with Invest Lithuania, a leading investment promotion agency in the country.

Geographic Expansion

Auriga will considerably re-strategize its presence in the U.S. market, where we have already been operating for three decades. To better respond to evolving customer and market needs, we will work to target our service offerings to existing and potential clients and develop cooperation with numerous technological clusters in the region.

Western and Central Europe remains our strategic market, with Germany and German-speaking countries as the top priority. Therefore, Auriga will further strengthen its presence in the DACH region. Finally, we will head to Asia to develop business relationships with Japanese companies searching for a reliable, qualified software service provider.

Internal Transformation

Auriga’s much-anticipated transformation will cover our service offering and unique value proposition and, importantly, the company’s internal processes. Motivated by the new post-Covid-19 reality and Auriga’s evolution to a middle-sized service provider, we discovered the need for qualitatively new approaches to engineering practices and employee hiring and retention.

Investing in our people and making Auriga a better workplace will remain our strategic priority. In the next few years, we will invest in coworking spaces to give our teams the freedom of work–life balance. As emphasized above, we understand that this may cause security concerns. Therefore, we will gradually introduce the coworking concept only to those teams and projects for which it is acceptable and aligned with customer policies.

Despite all the challenges that the changeable business environment entails, we will undoubtedly continue to expand Auriga’s CSR strategy: promoting community engagement programs, launching more educational and environmental sustainability initiatives, and building a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive corporate culture for all employees to positively contribute to the economy, the environment, and society as a whole.

It’s Time to Go Forward

Our vision of the future is built upon two essential pillars: our employees and our clients. Throughout the years, our loyal customers have trusted us with exciting projects, and Aurigans have brought all their dedication, enthusiasm, and devotion to their work. Some of our clients and employees have stayed with Auriga for nearly three decades, and I would like to thank them for their loyalty, trust, and commitment.

Auriga has achieved a great deal in the past 30 years, but much more is yet to be done. A new decade awaits, with new challenges, projects, initiatives, and people. Our goals are ambitious: to recruit more talent, win new customers in the focus domains, and further develop our technology expertise. Let’s keep moving forward together!