Meet Auriga at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

Auriga has consistently attended the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona since 2013, and 2024 is no exception. We are delighted to announce that our esteemed expert, Evgeniy Kislov, the Senior Business Development Manager for the EMEA region, will once again participate this year.

As usual, this eagerly anticipated event will take place from February 26th to 29th at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. The Mobile World Congress is organized by the GSMA Association. This global organization represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide and brings together more than 750 operators and nearly 400 companies from the broader mobile ecosystem.

MWC is globally recognized as the foremost mobile and technology industry gathering, attracting professionals, innovators, and thought leaders worldwide. It is an influential platform to highlight the latest advancements in technology, telecommunications, and industry trends. In 2023, MWC boasted an impressive turnout with over 2,400 exhibitors and more than 88,500 attendees hailing from 202 countries and territories. The event’s primary focus revolved around the most cutting-edge technology trends in the industry, including 5G, universal APIs, AI, digital twins, IoT, the Metaverse, and many other innovations (detailed in our blog post).

The agenda for this year promises to be exceptionally captivating, focusing on thought-provoking topics such as «Game changers». These presentations will delve into the evolution of air mobility, XR technology, innovative materials of the future, space-based technology, and the remarkable advancements in robotics, 6G, and AI/ML shaping space exploration. Equally intriguing are the discussions centered around «Humanizing AI». Questions will arise about our role in the data race, whether Generative AI is overrated, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI and its responsibility. Additionally, the event will continue its tradition of showcasing the latest achievements in consumer electronics, medical devices, fintech, green energy solutions, and cybersecurity through numerous presentations and exhibitions.

MWC 2024 boasts an extensive lineup of events, workshops, and presentations conducted by top technology companies, all happening concurrently across various locations. For attendees, creating a strategic visiting program is of utmost importance. Auriga eagerly anticipates the opportunity to connect with key industry figures, unveil our latest innovations, and cultivate meaningful partnerships during this event. The participation of Evgeniy Kislov, a prominent figure, at this esteemed gathering, will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in advancing our success and facilitating growth within the EMEA region.

Auriga’s extensive knowledge in embedded systems, data science, IoT, and mobile app development places us in a prime position to offer groundbreaking solutions to businesses spanning diverse industries—our unwavering dedication to keeping pace with emerging trends guarantees that our clients maintain a competitive edge. If you are attending MWC 2024, we invite you to contact Evgeniy before the event. This presents an excellent opportunity to explore potential collaborations, exchange valuable sales insights, and delve into partnership possibilities. Let’s discuss how we can assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Evgeniy Kislov

Evgeniy Kislov
Senior Business Development Manager, Auriga