Auriga Receives 5.0 Review on Clutch from Medical Device Company

Medical device software development and testing has been a top priority for Auriga for nearly 17 years. Over 250 engineers engaged in medical projects, eight embedded testing labs for medical device software, Auriga’s quality management system ISO 13485 annual recertification, and close cooperation with partners such as Parasoft and OR.NET e.V., allow us to constantly improve quality and reliability of our services for medical device manufacturers. Our whitepaper on ensuring medical device interoperability with legacy systems has been a popular download among healthcare organizations.

We are proud that our customers entrust us with the development and testing of safety- and life-critical healthcare solutions and stay with us for years. Thus, Auriga recently received a positive review from a Senior Manager of a medical device company, our client since 2015, on Clutch, an independent B2B rating platform. According to the review, Auriga provided good value for money, being flexible, dynamic, and customer-oriented.

It’s a pleasure to receive a perfect 5.0 review for our services, and we are grateful that our client took the time to share their experience with Auriga. Please enjoy reading the full review below and visit our Clutch profile for more verified customer interviews!


Clutch Analyst: Introduce your business and what you do there.

Client: We provide software development for the embedded medical device industry.


CA: What challenge were you trying to address with Auriga, Inc.?

C: We’ve worked with them for development on multiple infusion pumps.


CA: What was the scope of their involvement?

C: Auriga, Inc. has taken care of firmware development, testing, documentation, and release for infusion pumps. They also developed test automation solutions and automated test suites.

CA: What is the team composition?

C: We ran with multiple project teams and a total of 6–12 engineers.

CA: How did you come to work with Auriga, Inc.?

C: The partnership was already in place before I came on board in 2016.

CA: How much have you invested with them?

C: The cost of their work so far is over $1 million.

CA: What is the status of this engagement?

C: We’ve worked with Auriga for more than 5 years. Our engagement is ongoing.


CA: What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

C: Auriga has good access to a pool of talented and capable engineers. They know software development very well, in terms of the product development life cycle and what it takes to go end to end through the architectural design, implementation, unit test, integration test and software system test.

CA: How did Auriga, Inc. perform from a project management standpoint?

C: They always assign a dedicated project manager to the work, usually part-time. Given that they’re working remotely, it’s important to have someone there to tie things together and lead the team. They’re good at following through and reporting back their schedule, accomplishments, and impediments.

CA: What did you find most impressive about them?

C: What gives them the edge is that they have top-talented and capable engineers, and they can offer them at a very good price. We’re getting good value for money.

Auriga is flexible and dynamic and can get up to speed on assignments quickly.

Another aspect is that they’re very customer-oriented. They will adjust to make sure that the customer’s happy, and they will use all the processes and tools the customer demands. They have good excitement and energy within the team to push forward and go for the challenge.

CA: Are there any areas they could improve?

C: They’ve done successfully a fair share of documentation for us, but the bar for documentation in the medical device industry is constantly being raised, so that’s an area to keep pushing.

CA: Do you have any advice for future clients of theirs?

C: With clear targets, processes, and documentation standards, Auriga will bend backwards to make it happen. I can only see them fail if they’re given conflicting goals or unrealistic timelines. It is very straightforward to work with them.