Auriga Partners with AWS to Enhance Cloud Services

Auriga, a US-based custom software engineering company, is proud to announce its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new partnership expands Auriga’s expertise in cloud technologies, enabling its clients to benefit from meticulous architectural design while also accelerating business value by leveraging Amazon’s cloud services.

A partnership with AWS required a thorough investigation of Auriga’s completed projects in the cloud technology domain by Amazon’s experts. Auriga was delighted to be accepted into Amazon’s partnership network after demonstrating significant expertise and a commitment to excellence in its cloud services.

As an AWS partner, Auriga has access to Amazon’s engineering resources and technical support in architectural reviews, which significantly aids in the resolution of our customers’ problems. Besides, the partnership offers Auriga’s engineers an opportunity to receive training and certification from the AWS Training Center, resulting in best-in-class cloud training and increased awareness of the latest domain trends for our employees.

Now that the relationship between Auriga and Amazon has been taken to the next level, Auriga sees more opportunities to improve cloud expertise and polish our cloud services. As AWS partners, Auriga is ready to provide superior cloud-native software development services, cloud enablement for legacy applications, cloud migration, cloud solution optimization, and AWS cost optimization.

Max Perekislov, Technical Sales Manager in Auriga, comments on the newly established partnership:

«Partnership with AWS gives us a firm foundation for our cloud expertise development which only increases our confidence in the future of our services. With AWS alongside we gain adequate engineering training and significantly expand and deepen our competencies and offered services. That’s the way to go.»

The newly established partnership was essential for Auriga’s cloud migration programs’ development. Using a Strategize-Architect-Deliver approach, Auriga performs all stages of cloud native application development, cloud solution architecture design and enhancement, as well as cloud migration to improve the performance, scalability, security, cost, and agility of Auriga’s customers’ businesses. Auriga details these three main steps of migrating to the cloud in the whitepaper, providing a step-by-step guide on creating a successful cloud migration strategy as well as a cloud migration case study. These three core services are complimented by Auriga services in IoT device cloud integration and data analysis, DevOps process integration, automated testing enablement, and implementation, and legacy system modernization.

Read more about Auriga’s cloud services on our website or talk to our experts if you are ready to discuss our cloud migration services.