Cloud Backend for Construction Professionals’ Mobile App


Cloud Backend for Construction Professionals’ Mobile App

architecture design   ·    AWS   ·    cloud   ·    cloud deployment   ·    cloud development   ·    Java   ·    Objective-C   ·    testing


A multinational manufacturer of products for construction contracted Auriga’s team to develop a distributed cloud-based backend for a mobile application used by construction professionals.

Projects Highlights

Cloud-based distributed architecture design.

EC2 to host virtual servers.

Amazon DynamoDB – noSQL storage for key-value data pairs to secure system scalability developed.

Amazon S3 deployed for simple and fast data storage.

SNS services implemented for push-up notifications and text messages.

Automated functional testing implemented.

Achieved Benefits

Safe fault-tolerant storage of data developed and deployed following rigorous customer security policy guidelines.

One-point instant access to ~100K items in online catalogue.

Flexible and customizable storage makes DB maintenance highly manageable.


Objective-C  ·  Java  ·  Java Spring

AWS dynamoDB  ·  AWS EC2



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