Cloud Storage for Energy Efficiency Audit Solution

US-based energy saving company tasked Auriga to build a cloud-based data warehouse optimized for analytics and scalability.

Projects Highlights
  • EC2 deployed to host virtual servers for web-services, apps.
  • S3 to store the content.
  • SQS as a message queuing service.
  • SNS for push-up notifications and message exchange.
  • Amazon RDS to operate and scale relational DB (Oracle).
  • ElastiCache for data cache processing (temporary storage).
  • CloudWatch for monitoring and logging cloud resources.
Achieved Benefits
  • Reliable, scalable and secure storage of all types of data to cover the entire audit process.
  • Reduced the data propagation by 3x times and database access times 7-fold.
  • Instant automated environment deployment and configuration using CloudFormation.