Cloud Market: The Booming Present and the Promising Future Ahead

sdfIn recent years, the cloud has become mainstream. It is now rare to find a company that is not using cloud services or not trying to build and optimize its own cloud strategy, and it is no longer unbelievable that the cloud could reach a 100% adoption rate very soon. However, the cloud market is still developing. As it matures and increases in scale, we encounter exciting new opportunities, as well as multiple challenges. Continue reading

Cloud Computing: Evolution of the Concept

gfToday, it is difficult to imagine something that has changed our society more than cloud computing technology. Without the cloud, there would be no Twitter, no Facebook, and no Gmail, and millions of businesses around the world would not be as competitive, collaborative, flexible, and mobile. Perceived as a somewhat nebulous concept at first, cloud computing has gradually evolved to an integral part of our everyday lives, with its absence being unthinkable. Continue reading

Key Technology Trends in 2016: Forecast

Рисунок1The information technologies market is like an ocean. It is huge and ever-changing, hiding many miracles and discoveries in its depths. Each year, analysts and experts try to forecast the most promising trends that will help go-getters ride the waves of this ocean. Some of them disappear in just a few months, but some are here to stay for years to come. We asked Auriga’s experts to select a few technology trends that should be paid special attention to in 2016. Continue reading