Sergey Karpushin Took the Lead in Enterprise Software Development at Auriga

In the summer of 2021, Auriga’s rapid growth necessitated a restructuring of its Engineering Department, and a new type of position for the company was created: Engineering Division Manager. The managers holding this position are responsible for one of the department’s three divisions, each of which is responsible for projects in one of Auriga’s strategic domains: embedded systems, medical devices, and business applications (Web, Cloud, Mobile) software development. Sergey Karpushin heads the Business Applications Software Development Division. This article will explain why Sergey is ideal for this position and how the division is changing under his leadership. 

About Sergey Karpushin 

Sergey graduated from the Southern Federal University, where he also received a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics in 2007. While still a sophomore, he had started working as a C++ programmer. A few years later, he retrained in C# and then in Java. In 2009, Sergey realized that he was interested not only in developing software but also in building and enhancing processes in projects. He began to develop in project management and came to Auriga in 2010 as a development team manager. Over ten years of work in Auriga, Sergey rose to the senior project manager position and is taking the lead in business applications software development. 

As the new Business Applications Software Development Division Manager, Sergey Karpushin will have to monitor project implementation, measure key performance indicators for project managers, and constantly improve the quality of development processes. Another important task of the new leader will be to determine the company’s development strategy in the enterprise software development field. 

Elena Baranova, Auriga’s Director of Engineering, comments on the appointment of Sergey Karpushin: 

I had no doubts when I proposed Sergey Karpushin for this position. Firstly, Sergey is distinguished by incredible precision in his work, and he manages large, complex projects that require careful thought and attention to detail with amazing ease. Secondly, Sergey worked for three years in the Business Development Department in the field of applied software and has a clear idea of how the IT market works, what technologies are on the rise, and in what direction it is necessary to develop.” 

Sergey told us about his plans for the future of his division: 

“I try to follow the Japanese kaizen approach, which says that everything can always be done better. My main objective is, of course, to improve the quality of our services. And, first of all, we can do this through the support and training of employees. Good people work in Auriga—first-class specialists—, but, as they say, there is no limit to perfection. We are now closely working with project managers to identify the challenges our developers face, decide how we can help them, equip them with the tools they need, and organize training in the skills they need. In the future, I plan a more proactive approach, conducting process audits to preemptively identify such blind spots in the knowledge or skills of employees and help them bridge those gaps before problems arise. 

Developing the company’s engineering staff is one of my priority tasks. I want to allow our specialists to constantly evolve and participate in larger projects, thereby maintaining their interest in the profession and work in the company. Further training programs will soon start, both for Auriga employees and for those making their first steps in the IT world. Over time, there will be even more such educational projects, and everyone will have access to a range of courses to their liking. 

Project monitoring processes, in my opinion, also can be improved and simplified. When all critical information for any given project, such as deadlines or schedules, is collected in one place in the form of visual, quantitative metrics, it becomes much easier to find the necessary information about the project without taking up the project manager’s time. As the company grows, the need for accessibility and visual simplicity of such reporting will only increase. To teach young project managers to generate and regularly update objective information about the project in new information systems, we have already started devising educational materials and training on the topic. 

We also began to review the processes for drafting and developing contracts with customers to minimize the risk of misunderstandings between the parties. One of the most common problems in our industry is the lack of clarity of expectations from the development process, often undermining acceptance of the final product by both the customer and the contractor. We have begun regulating the criteria for approval of the result of the work. It is assumed that these criteria will be discussed and accepted by both parties before the start of the project, which minimizes the risk of claims from any side and will contribute to more effective cooperation. 

Another vital part of the division’s strategy is the support of the Business Development Department in the field of business applications software development. The modern market is changing, and new technologies are constantly emerging. As such, it is essential for our company, particularly for the Business Applications Software Development Division, to follow the market trends and develop expertise in the popular areas of development. The Business Development Department monitors industry news, as well as potential and current customers, and sets a specific direction for engineers. We, in turn, should more actively develop R&D projects in promising areas. Such projects will help us gain expertise in new, in-demand fields and offer our knowledge and experience to the customer.” 

On behalf of the entire company, we congratulate Sergey Karpushin on his new position. Last month, Auriga’s blog published articles about the reorganization of the Engineering Department and the plans of Denis Tyurin, the new head of system and embedded software development. 

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