Key Technology Trends in 2016: Forecast

The information technologies market is like an ocean. It is huge and ever-changing, hiding many miracles and discoveries in its depths. Each year, analysts and experts try to forecast the most promising trends that will help go-getters ride the waves of this ocean. Some of them disappear in just a few months, but some are here to stay for years to come. We asked Auriga’s experts to select a few technology trends that should be paid special attention to in 2016.

Software Product Personalization

This trend became noticeable in 2015 and was explained thoroughly by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich at the annual Intel Developer Forum. In his opinion, this trend will be applied to all segments, but will become more apparent in education, healthcare, and users’ daily lives.

Another topic in this area is what Gartner’s experts call Ambient User Experience and Intel’s specialists call Extension of the User. This is about helping users adjust their physical environment to their daily lives. Some parts of this trend include the development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence solutions.

Further Development of Mobile and Cloud Technologies in the Internet of Things Ecosystem

The development of mobile and cloud technologies will not slow down, but speed up. It will be driven by the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G mobile and wireless communication technologies.

Information of Everything

Nowadays, people think on a global scale. Each important term or buzz-word is definitely a “Something of Everything.” Indeed, in the world of connected devices, users not only need to transfer information, but also create solutions that will help aggregate information in various formats and from different sources, analyze it, and provide them with ready-to-use personalized data. These are the solutions the future belongs to.


The issue of interoperability will not just disappear. Time is needed to develop common standards and protocols that will allow devices developed by different companies to communicate with each other. This is food for thought for medical solutions developers, for example.

New Approach to Security Architecture

The data security issue will continue to make this list for a long time. Considering that the changes of the IT landscape are not always foreseeable, the approach to data security should be significantly modified. The focus should shift to the development of systems that are able to analyze users’ behavior and to adjust flexibly in response to any changes.

Internet of Things Platforms

This trend was the most overwhelming in 2015. Leading IT companies presented their IoT vision and demonstrated specialized IoT platforms, such as Windows 10 IoT, Intel IoT Platform, and Samsung ARTIK. In 2016, the IoT will continue its development, but might, however, slow down because of the lack of standardization.

In general, we can say that information technology development will be closely linked to the development of the IoT concept and ecosystem, which will have a huge impact on the creation of user and corporate software solutions in each industry.

Andrey Pronin, Auriga’s SVP of Strategy, Technology, and Marketing, says,

The world of technologies today is changing so rapidly that there is a real risk of falling behind in the competitive race by missing just one trend. That means losing market positions and profit – catching up to the competitors at this stage is not easy.

We understand that nowadays, development requirements are increasingly changing. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, as well as understanding of cutting-edge technologies and innovative trends, we are always ready to adapt to these changes and help our clients to develop products that meet the needs of the time and end users.