Wireless Diagnostics System for Dealerships


Wireless Diagnostics System for Dealerships

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A major US-based vehicle manufacturer hired Auriga to provide maintenance and enhancement of the high-volume distributed wireless diagnostics system for vehicle service centers that collects data from in-car pods and transfers it to the technician’s device and cloud-based DB.

Projects Highlights

Design of scalable, safe server architecture.

Development of main system functionality targeted at private cloud.

Utility programs development, third-party tools integration.

Execution framework development to call, manage, monitor life cycle of utilities.

Code review and optimization for cloud processing.

Achieved Benefits

Significant improvement and performance optimization.

State-of-the-art four-modules app with distributed start-up procedures.

System is implemented in 12K dealerships and service centers and is operating on eight physical servers.


IntellyJ  ·  WebStorm  ·  Node.js
HTML 5  ·  Redis  ·  MySQL  ·  JMeter

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