Auriga Scored 100/100 for Its Cybersecurity Efforts

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2021 states that cyber risks continue to rank among the top global risks. The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced remote work and, therefore, accelerated technological adoption. It has also exposed tech inequalities and revealed cybersecurity challenges across all industries. Cybersecurity is now a board-level issue for many firms.

Auriga is not an outsider here – as a prominent outsourcing software development services provider, we are also facing these challenges. Our customers’ source codes, documentation, equipment, and IP require the highest possible level of protection and ensuring this is among our core values and business goals. This year, we joined the SecurityScorecard platform to provide our customers with an independent, reliable cyber risk report of Auriga.

What is SecurityScorecard?

SecurityScorecard is a SaaS platform that provides organizations with a data-backed cyber risk score based on a list of predetermined factors. SecurityScorecard, named a 2020 technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum and recognized as a Customers’ Choice in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: IT Vendor Risk Management Tools, continuously monitors and scores more than five million organizations in every country worldwide. As the industry’s largest and most comprehensive rating platform, SecurityScorecard is efficient for businesses of all sizes and industries, especially those that are highly regulated or susceptible to specific vulnerabilities (e.g., banking, healthcare, insurance, and e-commerce).

SecurityScorecard assesses enterprises on various risk categories, such as web application security, network security, public availability of breached data, IP reputation, mentions within underground hacker chatter, and susceptibility to social engineering attacks. Unlike other market players, the company is 100% transparent in its scoring methodology, which was first published in 2020 and has been continuously updated since.

Secure in every way

As we have already stated in the Auriga’s Strategic Plans article, customer IP and information security are a top priority for Auriga. We care about our clients’ data, which is why do our best to ensure our security rate is at the highest level possible. This year, SecurityScorecard has given Auriga 100/100 points for all the scoring categories:

  • network security,
  • DNS health,
  • patching cadence,
  • endpoint security,
  • IP reputation,
  • application security,
  • cubit score,
  • hacker chatter,
  • information leak, and
  • social engineering.
Auriga Scored 100/100 for Its Cybersecurity Efforts
Auriga’s cybersecurity score at SecurityScorecard

Having been rated so high, Auriga is making every effort to maintain a score of at least 95 points at any point in time. Should there be any issue threatening Auriga’s cybersecurity, our professional team is ready to act upon and eliminate it immediately. To check Auriga’s current security score, proceed to our profile at SecurityScorecard.

Vyacheslav Vanyulin, CEO:

By joining the SecurityScorecard platform, we gained access to a digital platform that enables greater transparency and the ability to effectively highlight cybersecurity vulnerabilities, identify and measure risks, increase organizational safety, and help prevent data breaches. Being forced to shift to remote work in early 2020, some of our customers were concerned about Auriga’s potential security challenges and risk mitigation strategies. I am pleased to be able to say that since joining the platform, we can absolutely provide any customer with a real-time situational analysis of our company’s cybersecurity landscape.