Enterprise Network Traffic Analysis Tool


Enterprise Network Traffic Analysis Tool

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US-based enterprise data security provider tasked Auriga to develop an Amazon AWS compatible tool with enriched GUI for enterprise Big Data network traffic analysis.

Projects Highlights

REST API development.

Proprietary Java UI visualization tool development.

Traffic volume timelines, diagrams, graphs, maps implementation.

Geotagged data processing, filtering by country, mapping development.

Sessions list with ability to filter it by date, size, IP.

User activity in terms of file transfers.

Achieved Benefits

Amazon AWS tailored architecture design for a high-load (up to 5TB/daily) distributed enterprise solution.

Pcap files processing and payload reconstruction for enhanced malware detection.

Real-time data streaming and analysis.

User-friendly intuitive dashboards and datamarts for user stories.


AWS  ·  Java  ·  Apache Hive

Apache Spark  ·  Apache Cassandra

Elastic search  ·  Hadoop HDFS

PCAP dumps  ·  REST API


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