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A multinational leader in HVAC equipment for buildings contracted Auriga to develop an intelligent fire detection and alarm monitoring system to be used in residential and industrial environment.
A US-based semiconductor company asked Auriga to analyze and optimize Machine Learning and Deep Learning libraries’ performance on new processors.
Auriga developed an Amazon AWS compatible tool with enriched GUI for enterprise Big Data network traffic analysis.
An innovative start-up specializing in mobile and AR apps development tasked Auriga to develop an image recognition system.
US-based energy efficiency solutions provider tasked Auriga to develop the data model and Amazon-based storage for the enterprise-wide BI system data.
Auriga developed web services for distributed monitoring and processing of data generated by wearable Holster EKG devices.
An international express delivery service tasked Auriga to develop a system core for fast and precise delivery calculations.
Auriga developed a drone software utility to monitor the condition of trees in an apple garden as a part of a big smart agriculture project.
A manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and software for energy industry hired Auriga to modify the legacy asset risk management system.
Auriga developed an automated system of remote data gathering and analysis to reveal and prevent serious disease on early stages.
Medical solutions provider tasked Auriga to develop a remote cardiac monitoring system.
A US-based leader in innovative technology solutions engaged Auriga to create an automated objects labelling and identification tool.