Vehicle Fleet Timetable Planning Solution

Large national retail company tasked Auriga to develop a timetable planning solution for its vehicle fleet to optimize the process of drivers, semi-trailers, and tractor units assignment to routes.

Projects Highlights
  • VRP algorithm implementation.
  • Colored Gantt visualization charts for fleet routes schedules.
  • Simplified data input (drag and drop, autofilling forms, etc.).
  • Claim management workflow automation (breakdown, accident, delay).
  • Integration with geotagging and geo-positioning services.
  • UI development.
  • System compliant with the industry labor standards.
Achieved Benefits
  • Easy-to-use web-based unified solution for real-time multi-user operation.
  • Optimized resource allocation and fleet loading on weekly basis.
  • Transportation costs and time input decreased twofold.
  • One access point for all data (drivers, vehicles, routes, special conditions) via REST API.