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A multinational leader in HVAC equipment for buildings contracted Auriga to develop an intelligent fire detection and alarm monitoring system to be used in residential and industrial environment.
Auriga’s team developed a connectivity mobile app for a set of handheld power tools to identify, track and monitor their status.
Auriga developed a drone software utility to monitor the condition of trees in an apple garden as a part of a big smart agriculture project.
A manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and software for energy industry hired Auriga to modify the legacy asset risk management system.
Auriga developed an automated system of remote data gathering and analysis to reveal and prevent serious disease on early stages.
Medical solutions provider tasked Auriga to develop a remote cardiac monitoring system.
Auriga was tasked with R&D and fully-functional prototype design of the network connection module to be used in high-paced hospital environment.
Auriga provided enhancement for device aimed at wireless collection of various data from a large fleet vehicle line-up for analysis and dealership service maintenance.
Auriga developed and implemented a solution enabling remote wireless centralized updates of the firmware and software installed on the vehicle ECU and its components.
Auriga developed Bluetooth connectivity to provide secure wireless access for vehicle diagnostics software to CAN bus via especial daemon the ARM-based vehicle diagnostics device.