How to Use Simics Platform for Software Engineer Training
Insights November 24, 2020
Every year, the hiring of software or test engineers is becoming increasingly challenging. According to a survey by Indeed, one of the largest online recruiting...
Full-system, Cycle-accurate, and Trace-driven Simulation
Tech Corner October 27, 2020
In my previous article, I discussed types of simulators and levels of simulation. This article covers several topics, specifically full-system simulation, cycle-accurate microarchitectural simulation, and...
Computer Simulation: Basics, Terminology, Levels
Tech Corner June 08, 2020
Over the past 10 years, I have been working with simulators, specifically software models of various devices from cell phones to servers. Simulation is a...
Embedded World 2020: Trends to Watch This Year
News March 12, 2020
Embedded World 2020, a leading international trade fair for embedded systems technology, took place in Nuremberg, Germany at the end of February. The challenging circumstances...
Simulators & Digital Twins: What’s the Difference?
Insights December 14, 2019
One of the consequences of today’s fast-paced digitally oriented lifestyle is that our inboxes are overloaded with buzzwords. Terms that seem to be synonyms are...
Virtual and Real: R&D Labs in the Age of Digital Twins
Insights December 03, 2019
Recently Auriga launched a new R&D lab for medical devices software testing. This is our thirteenth engineering laboratory – and the eighth medical one. In addition to medical labs we...
Digital Twins and Robots in Medical Device Development and Testing
Insights November 25, 2019
Learn how to use the combination of digital twins, robots and manual testing in software development for medical devices.