How to Improve ECG Rhythm Recognition Using a DCNN
Tech Corner June 22, 2020
Recently, I published a piece on recognizing ECG rhythms using a deep convolutional neural network (DCNN). The article argues that the reliable recognition of certain...
Profiling Java Applications on Embedded Platforms
Tech Corner October 14, 2019
The rapid development of the gadgets market, both user and industrial, demands higher standards in gadget performance optimization. From wearable medical devices and car on-board...
5 Tips for Static and Dynamic Analysis in Medical Device Software
Tech Corner October 08, 2019
As cybersecurity is becoming a strong FDA focus with specific requirements around static and dynamic code analysis, engineers must automate those practices and integrate them...
Applying Machine Learning on Mobile Devices
Tech Corner September 20, 2019
In the modern world, machine learning is used in various fields: image classification, consumer demand forecasts, film and music recommendations for particular people, and clustering....
Thread Synchronization in Linux and Windows Systems
Tech Corner July 22, 2019
In modern operating systems, each process has its own address space and one thread of control. However, in practice we often face situations requiring several...
Organizing Firmware Updates as a Way to Increase Product Competitiveness
Tech Corner June 04, 2019
For a long time, Auriga has been cooperating with semiconductor industry leaders on firmware development for various platforms. Our engineering teams have solved many tasks...
Using AWS Jobs for Software Upgrades and Configuration Propagation on IoT Devices
Tech Corner May 21, 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular framework environments for the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud IoT.
Hands-on Experience Building Architecture of Highly Available, Scale-out Systems
Tech Corner January 12, 2015
This article presents an economically feasible approach to the building of efficient, cost-friendly high-level architecture for geographically distributed systems and the benefits of in-memory distributed...
Intel INDE Media Pack for Android Tutorials – Video Streaming from Device to YouTube
Tech Corner August 12, 2014
This tutorial explains how to use Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android for streaming from your device to YouTube. Prerequisites: Camera Streaming sample from Intel®...