Five Signs That You Need to Reengineer Your Software

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOiAAAAJGUxMjc1ZDQ2LWQ5NjUtNDRlNS04NzkxLTI4NjI2ZTAzMjM4ZATaking advantage of the latest technologies has become the key to business competitiveness and the main challenge for manufacturers in all industries. In today’s fast-changing IT world, new software development technologies, methods, tools, and paradigms are constantly being developed: the benefits for first-movers are huge (in turnover, efficiency, and reputation alike), and the consequences for laggards devastating.

Software reengineering, porting, and code refactoring may be a cost-effective way to keep your product up to date with the cutting-edge developments and thus competitive in the market. However, many businesses find it tricky to determine when their software needs to be enhanced. Here are five canaries in the coalmine that clearly show it is time to reengineer your software. Do you recognize any of them in your own company? Continue reading