IT Outsourcing: Information Security is a Process, Not a Destination

In recent years, the IT outsourcing market has shown stable growth. According to Gartner, the size of the global IT outsourcing market will reach 252 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, which is 2.1% more than in 2011. Yet some companies still hesitate when deciding whether they should outsource a number of selected tasks to a third party. Mostly, this hesitation is tied to the risks that—according to some market participants—are an inherent part of the outsourcing industry. Continue reading

Case Study: A Fully Functional Mail and IM Client

Auriga developed a fully functional mail and IM client for one of the leading online multi-purpose (i.e., mail, search, market tools, etc.) portals. The app supports all the key functions of a proprietary web service: The user can compose and read emails, sort them by folder or label, send and receive attachments (including pictures captured on camera), and chat on instant messenger. Push notifications inform the user of new emails the moment they are received, while the integrated map service allows users to add their current location to an email or instant message. Continue reading

Outsourcing in Software Development: Rock-Paper-Scissors of Service Models

Software development outsourcing has been around for many years. Still, it is worth starting with the basics—service models. There are different models you can use to outsource the development, testing, or maintenance of a software product, but they are all based on the three primary approaches: staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and project-based outsourcing. These models are like the rock-paper-scissors (or healer-DPS-tank of the MMO world, if we consider more modern on-line games) of outsourcing: There is no “best” model. Depending on your needs, one beats the other, and we need them all to reach a balance in outsourcing software development tasks. Continue reading