CEE-SECR 2015: From Software Development to Entrepreneurship


CEE-SECR 2015: From Software Development to Entrepreneurship

November 2, 2015

At the end of October, Auriga’s experts once again participated in the Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2015). This year, Auriga was also the embedded sponsor of this key event for the software development industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. Over 500 people—experts from the leading IT companies, tech entrepreneurs, investors, professors, and IT students—participated in the conference.

Auriga’s experts delivered three presentations that earlier passed the rigorous selection process. All three presentations attracted the interest of the packed audience:

  • Test House – Organization of testing for projects (with geographically distributed teams) in one software enterprise solution, Leonid Migunov, Arkadiy Hachikyan

The presentation covered organization and management issues typical for the implementation of software testing processes for geographically distributed teams, test automation and cross-team communication processes, and knowledge sharing improvement.

  • Specifics of portable Android device development, Mikhail Malyshev

Mikhail shared his experience with the rapid development of Android-based portable devices using the cases of satellite radios and heat meters. He examined different aspects of his approach, including hardware platform selection, Android porting, time to market, cost and development processes, and possible legal and standardization issues.

  • Real-time image comparison using cloud computing, Andrey Neprel, Igor Markov

Our colleagues described the practical case of a comprehensive parallel process of image comparison in real-time mode. The main idea of the project was to compare a recorded image with graphic objects presented in a database to automatically select the objects identical to the sample. The next step of the application was to display not only the obtained objects but also all the relevant information linked to them. Potential applications for clients are definitely very wide—from marketing and advertising campaigns to educational, shopping, healthcare, and other assistant programs and much more. From a technical standpoint, for the cluster’s infrastructure, Apache Storm (distributed real-time computation system) is used, and for computational nodes, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is used. The data for comparison are stored in the NoSQL database with the open source code. To compare image algorithms for finding key points, nearest neighbor searches and spatial verification are used.

Keynote speakers this year included David Goldsmith (Co-founder and President of Goldsmith Organization), Dmitry Petunin (Leading Technical Consultant, Intel Software Development Tools, Intel Russia), Igor Kaloshin (General Director, Intel Software), and other renowned experts.

Many aspects of up-to-date software development issues were covered, such as:

  • Programming technologies and methodologies
  • Product and team management
  • Education, hiring, entrepreneurship in the IT industry, etc.

Many participants agreed that one of the most interesting presentations was “Internet of Things and the Magic of Big Data” by Igor Kaloshin (General Director, Intel Software). According to Gartner’s research, these technologies are the hottest trends in IT globally. Other notable presentations that were voted most exciting related to topics such as mobile app marketing, software quality assurance, augmented reality application development, and others.

Auriga’s engineers who took part in the conference noted the event’s high level of organization, the mature selection of topics and presentations (e.g., Internet of Things, big data, software-defined architecture, cross-platform application development), and their variety and relevance to the current state of the industry.

In addition to the presentations, the conference’s agenda included numerous discussions and master classes. In particular, the master classes provided participants the opportunity to explore the customer’s product quickly yet in detail, prepare valid estimations for large-scale projects, and develop computer vision applications. To enable the participants to keep up with this content-rich event, organizers developed a mobile app that included the agenda and options to ask speakers questions and vote for the most interesting presentations.

SECR 2015 once again provided its participants with a unique platform to share opinions, experiences, and plans while encouraging them to implement new ideas and solutions.

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