Virtual Hardware Emulating Platform


Virtual Hardware Emulating Platform

embedded   ·    Python   ·    simulation   ·    software development   ·    testing


Worldwide silicon vendor tasked our team to develop numerous device models for Simics hardware simulation platform and provide the customer with level 2/3 Support without real HW prototype.

Projects Highlights

Enabling various software stacks on Simics virtual platforms.

Developing standalone peripheral devices’ models for target system simulation.

Developing debug and other tools for Simics.

Custom system-level events support (i.e. event callback routines, memory access, pre-defined routines for system-level components and drivers).

Achieved Benefits

Development and testing before a real HW prototype is ready.

Fast custom builds of the needed platform models from various components (CPU, memory, etc.).

Code reverse execution to simplify software debugging significantly.


C (DML)  ·  Eclipse  ·  gdb  ·  gcc

Python  ·  Simics scripts


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