Heart Pump Simulation Application


Heart Pump Simulation Application

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A leading provider of medical devices for circulatory support tasked Auriga with development of the new simulation app for its heart pumps to replace the outdated one. The app will be used for medical personnel training purposes.

Projects Highlights

Xamarin.Forms for cross-platform support (Windows 10, iOS and Android).

Clean Architecture approach to partition UI, DB and business-layer functionality.

DLL and Cocoa Touch static library compilations developed to utilize legacy proprietary pump algorithms.

Aortic Pressure (AoP), Motor Current (MC), Flow, and Speed input collected automatically every 40 ms from log file or pump.

Integration with simulation dummy.

Waveforms rendering.

Achieved Benefits

iPAD and desktop support.

Simulates Differential Pressure (DP), LVP, EDP, cardiac output (CO), cardiac power output (CPO), native CO (NCO) waveforms and pump position.

Simulated models for five models of heart pumps.

UI totally redesigned based on new functionality and feedback.

Agile approach for timely changes implementation and keeping up with the schedule (6 months project).


iOS  ·  Windows 10

C#  ·  Xamarin.Forms

ReactiveUI  ·  VIPER SDK


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